Typical Topics

  • Stress Management & Life Balance
  • Through active stress management, emotion management, embodiment, mental techniques
  • More joy & happiness through the practice of mindfulness
  • Strengthening the resilience in challenging times - resilience is learnable!
  • Conflict resolution - impulse control, new options for action, change of perspective
  • Implementing personal changes and achieving goals
  • Business Coaching (mastering change processes, leadership, new position, stress, strategy, expansion of management competencies, target coaching)

How I support you

As a coach I have been accompanying people in change processes, phases of reorientation and high stress for 15 years now. Mutual respect, trust and professionalism are the basis of my cooperation. I support you in removing barriers to success, giving up habits and achieving your set goals, I teach techniques for coping with stress and pressure, strengthen your mental-emotional stability and activate your resource- and solution-oriented competencies - up to the joint development of a reaction strategy for certain situations. Among other things, I work with the systemic solution-focused approach by always keeping an eye on the entire environment that influences your life. 

Change in Perspective
Best in the meta level to get other views and clarity!
Self Reflection
Sometimes you have to reflect on your own and other people's values in order to be able to rearrange life.
and live life with all senses with ease
Only who knows his goals, finds the path.
Resilience is learnable.
The middle of the night is also the beginning of the day.
You must sow joy if you are to reap happiness.
Walking Coaching
Moves body, mind and soul.

Walking Coaching

We work together on your topics during a hike in the nature of the surrounding mountains - it is a very intense time in which all topics are worked up.

Method: Combination of systemic coaching, sparring, outdoor-sense-activation and embodiment. This stimulates new thinking processes, solves blockades, expands your potentials and options for action, makes room for change and strengthens your mental strength.

Where, how?

I work in 90-minute sessions in the Hubertushof.Please arrange an appointment via phone: +43 664 335 27 35, if you have any questions please send me an email:


My Education / Short Bio

Certified systemic coach & supervisor, mental coach, certified mediator, Prof. Master of Change Management & Organizational Development (MSc), lecturer for work and organizational psychology, change management, intercultural communication, team development & leadership at universities and technical colleges, lawyer, moderator (large group interventions), trainer, many years of experience in accompanying people and companies in phases of high stress and reorientation.

Coaching Moves People